Yes, I saw Jupiter Ascending--

--and I am constantly trying to type it as "Jupiter Rising".

Oh, it's so much fun.

Yes, it's flawed--it leaves too many minor questions unanswered, though a sequel could clean some of them up.  The fight scenes do run on a bit (a failure, I might point out, of just about any action film these days).  The vilains are so completely over the top that they climb down the other side--and have fun doing it.

But the visuals are stunning, the dialogue works, there's great chemistry, and it has Sean Bean enjoying himself.

I keep hearking back to Independence Day, or 1999's The Mummy.  SF/F movies that are exactly what they say they are--somewhat lighthearted adventures that are enjoyable to watch and solid enough to watch again.  Improbable, perhaps, but if you want reality, why are you watching movies?  :P